Our Leadership: Guiding Our Faith Community

Committed to upholding our mission and values, our leadership team guides and supports our congregation as we seek to grow in faith, serve others, and make a positive impact in the world. Get to know the leaders who inspire and lead us on our spiritual journey.

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Pastoral Staff

Our pastoral staff provides spiritual guidance, pastoral care, and leadership within our church. Led by Rev. James Noche, our senior pastor, they offer sermons, teachings, and counseling that nurture our faith and help us navigate life’s challenges. They play a crucial role in the worship experience and provide pastoral support to our congregation.

Church Council

The Church Council serves as the governing body of our church, responsible for making key decisions and providing oversight. Comprised of elected lay leaders, our Church Council ensures that our church’s ministries align with our mission and values. They collaborate with the pastoral staff to shape the strategic direction of our faith community and promote its spiritual growth.

Lay Leadership and Committees

Our lay leadership and committees play a vital role in the functioning and ministry of our church. These dedicated individuals volunteer their time, talents, and expertise to serve in various capacities. From the Finance Committee to the Worship Committee, from the Outreach Committee to the Education Committee, each group contributes to the overall well-being and effectiveness of our church’s ministries.

Staff Members

Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of staff members supports the day-to-day operations of our church. From administrative tasks to facility maintenance, their efforts ensure that our church functions smoothly and provides a welcoming environment for all who enter. Their commitment and hard work contribute to the success of our programs and activities.

Ministry Leaders

Our ministry leaders oversee and coordinate the different ministries and programs within our church. They have a passion for specific areas such as youth, children, music, missions, and more. Their leadership and dedication create opportunities for spiritual growth, community engagement, and service to others. They work collaboratively with volunteers to ensure that these ministries are vibrant and impactful.

Volunteers and Congregation

While our formal leadership structure is crucial, our entire congregation plays a vital role in the life of our church. Every member and volunteer contributes to the spiritual vitality and mission of our faith community. Their involvement, dedication, and willingness to serve create a culture of love, unity, and growth within our church family.

Uniting under Our Leadership, Serving with Purpose

At Willington United Methodist Church, our leadership team is committed to leading by example, serving with humility, and empowering others to use their gifts for the glory of God. Together, under their guidance and with the active involvement of our congregation, we strive to fulfill our mission, love one another, and make a difference in our world. We are grateful for the leadership that guides us on our faith journey and invites others to join us in this transformative community of faith.