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Currently, almost 500 people from many different cultures and nationalities, different ages and lifestyles, very different professions, origins, education, and positions in the Willington United Methodist Church combine to form a strong community of life and faith.

Conviction and tolerance

The Willington United Methodist Church

– sees itself as one of the many faces of the one Church of Christ: it is  pluralist and ecumenical,

– welcomes into its midst any person who confesses that “Jesus Christ is the Lord”: we are open to all,

– has the reason to share the Gospel: we want to be  confessing and a missionary,

– calls on every one to engage responsibly and in solidarity with others.

By theological choice and historical experience, it promotes political autonomy and secular citizen engagement. Some of its members have moreover actively participated in the preparation and even in the drafting of the separation law of 1905. At the same time, it is attached to ensuring that all families of thought, including religious ones, can express themselves. in the public debate on living together and therefore those religious convictions are not confined to the private sphere. Protestants readily understand themselves as secular believers.

The Willington United Methodist Church is very committed to ecumenical, interreligious, and cultural dialogue.