Sermon Archives: Revisit and Reflect on Our Sermon

We believe that the Word of God is transformative and serves as a source of guidance and inspiration. In our sermon archives, you can revisit and reflect on the messages shared during our regular sermons, allowing you to engage with God’s Word beyond the time of the initial sermon delivery.

Adventist Church President Makes Clear-Cut Appeal to Live According to  God's Word | Our Sermon

Browse Our Sermon by Series or Topics

The preaching archives are organized by series or topics, making it easy for you to explore the messages that resonate with your interests or specific spiritual needs. Whether you are seeking sermons on a particular biblical book, a specific theme, or guidance on specific areas of life, our archive provides a diverse range of sermons to nourish your faith.

Listen or Watch

For your convenience, we offer different formats to access the preachings in our archives. You can choose to listen to the audio recordings of the sermons, allowing you to focus solely on the spoken word. Alternatively, you can watch video recordings of the sermons, which provide a more immersive experience by capturing the visual elements of the sermon delivery.

Reflection Guides

To deepen your engagement with the sermon content, we provide reflection guides for selected sermons. These guides offer thought-provoking questions, relevant scriptures, and practical applications to help you apply the sermon’s message to your daily life. Utilize these reflection guides as tools for personal reflection, group discussions, or spiritual journaling.

Stay Connected and Engaged

Preaching In Church Free Stock Photo - Public Domain PicturesWe regularly update our sermon archives with new sermons, ensuring that you have access to fresh and relevant content. We encourage you to check back frequently for the latest additions. You can also explore the variety of sermons available to support your ongoing spiritual growth.


Our Sermon; Embrace the Word, Transform Your Life

We believe that the sermons delivered are an essential means of conveying God’s truth, love, and guidance to our congregation. The church’s sermon archives provide an opportunity for you to revisit and reflect on these sermons. This will allow the Word of God to deepen its impact on your life. We encourage you to engage with our preachings archives to nourish your faith. It allows you to experience the transformative power of God’s Word in your journey of discipleship.