Youth Ministry: Inspiring and Empowering the Next Generation

Our youth ministry offers a welcoming and inclusive space where teenagers can explore their faith, navigate life’s challenges, and find belonging among their peers. Come and explore the exciting opportunities available through our youth ministry!

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Engaging Youth Gatherings

Our gatherings provide a place where they can come together to worship, learn, and have meaningful conversations. The youth gatherings create an environment where young people can connect with God and with one another.

Bible Studies and Discussions

Explore the depths of Scripture through our engaging Bible studies. Dive into topics that matter to you, ask tough questions, and discover how the Word applies to your life. Our small group discussions, led by caring leaders, provide a space for deepening your faith and building authentic relationships with others.

Youth Ministry Worship Experiences

We value the voices and talents of our youth, and our youth-led worship experiences provide them with an opportunity to share their gifts with the church community. On Thursday evenings, our youth take the lead in planning and leading worship services. These services reflect their generation’s style and expression of faith. This empowers them to use their creativity and passion to connect others with God through music, spoken word, and other forms of worship.

Service and Outreach Projects

Our youth ministry is actively involved in serving others and making a difference in the world. Through service projects and outreach initiatives, we provide opportunities for young people to engage in acts of compassion, justice, and love. Our youth are encouraged to put their faith into action and develop a heart for service. This includes volunteering at a local shelter, participating in community clean-up events, or partnering with charitable organizations.

Fun and Fellowship Events

We believe that faith is meant to be experienced in joy and community. Our youth ministry organizes fun and fellowship events where teens can gather, relax, and have a great time together. From game nights and movie marathons to outdoor adventures and retreats. These events foster friendships, create lifelong memories, and strengthen the sense of belonging within our teens ministry family.

Join Our Youth Ministry Community

Be a part of our thriving youth ministry community at Willington United Methodist Church. Experience a place where faith, friendship, and fun collide. Discover your purpose, deepen your faith, and forge lifelong connections with fellow youth. Together, let’s embark on an exciting journey of spiritual growth, service, and impact.