“In search of community, values ​​, and role models.”

Are you a teenager between 13 and 18? Are you not a couch potato? Don’t want to just swim with the crowd or miss out on life?

Then make sure you come over! There is something for every taste: Teen Bible group, program evenings, youth services and many special events. 

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What is the WUMC Youth Rally?

The WUMC Youth Rally is a meeting of young adults between the ages of 18 and 30. We meet every second Thursday at 8 p.m. in group room 4 of The Willington United Methodist Church. 

During this time, we want to switch off from everyday life and stress and spend time together. Here it is not important whether you know a lot about God or nothing at all, whether you are a member of a church or not. The focus of the meetings is on the community, social exchange, and making new contacts. We are a motley bunch of trainees, students, schoolchildren, and professionals. Because of this diversity, the meetings are stimulating and inspiring.