“Music expresses that which cannot be said and about which it is impossible to remain silent.” 

Music helps to experience God and to participate actively in the worship service

Music transports content and transmits a message. Music is specific. It is experienced together, but still different. Music can make or break one. Music works and penetrates very deep layers of personality – much deeper than words can. Music touches and speaks to our mind, not just our mind.

This particular effectiveness of music gives it an outstanding function in worship, especially in worship, in the experience of fellowship and in hearing and accepting God’s call. Music in particular contributes to the fact that church services are experienced as festivals and celebrations.

That is why we have developed a diverse musical culture.

Classical, gospel, rock-pop

Our current music groups:

Wind choir, mixed choir, worship band, as well as classical music ensembles.

Praise is important and valuable to us. Several times a year there are also special church services that are co-designed by the individual music groups. Such as atmospheric gospel concerts or festive Bach oratorios. 

Would you like to join a music group and find out more? Get in contact with us!