“For me, worship is like a spring where I can refresh myself week after week.”

Sundays with quality

A family came as a guest to our church services, which until then had lived in a very unreligious manner. 
After about a year, they were accepted as congregation members. 
When asked why the parents said: “Our Sundays have been better since we came to church.” In the church service, they feel a mysterious power that they cannot give to themselves.

Two things are particularly noticeable in the service:
First, we experience who God is and what he wants in common worship – and second, we hear and experience God’s promise of forgiveness.

God help you

You may feel that there is a gap between you and God. Jesus says: God holds out his hand to you. And when you take it and say, “Dear God! I was on the wrong track. But now I want to count on you. Help me. “, Your sin is forgiven and you are at the beginning of a new life. The possibility for such a conversion presents itself to us in the worship service. 

Just come over!

Every Sunday 

Prayer group9.00 a.m.
Church service 10.00 a.m.
Children’s service infour age groups10.00 a.m.
Church coffee11.30 a.m.