Jonah and the Fish

Sometimes I am asked if, as a scientist, I believe the biblical story of Jonah. The main question is whether Jonah really could have survived three days in the belly of a fish (or a whale – at that time this distinction was not made yet). Scientifically, it seems impossible. The only marine animal that can swallow a […]

How many Israelites went out of Egypt?

The stories of the exodus from Egypt and the conclusion of the covenant on Sinai are the central stories of the Old Testament and their meaning is comparable to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus in the New Testament. They create the identity of the people of Israel and their faith. Accordingly, they are mentioned frequently in […]

Helping Children of Alcoholic Parents

Content Children of Alcoholic Parents Are More Likely to Abuse Alcohol How Alcoholic Parents Affect Adult Children Effects Of An Alcoholic Parent On Children Alcohol Use Sign up for text support to receive: Their adulthoods often include some form of substance abuse often caused by their mental health problems. Alcoholics typically also have depression or […]